Friday, April 27, 2012

Trip to Colorado Part 1: Kim's Wedding

So pretty much from the time we touched down in Denver it was WEDDING MODE! It was so nice to go to wedding that wasn't mine. I mean I loved my wedding day and wish I could go relive it sometimes! I would just like to MINUS all the stress that comes with being the bride. Stress like: packing everything up and moving it, getting on time to places, being ready, making sure everyone is happy and you always have to be smiling. It was so beautiful to listen to another sealing ceremony especially in the Denver temple which was beautiful! Kim and Andrew definitely seem happy and in love with each other. Although I have a warning for Andrew: you better treat Kim like a princess because I love that girl. If you don't Nathan and I will have to tie you up in the basement with the lights off and and will leave you alone to fend for yourself... just kidding... I'm sure it won't just be Nathan and I there will be others....  I mean just kidding we would never tie you up! Haha... Anyway... It was a great day and very beautiful! We are so happy for the newly Mr. and Mrs. Bigler!

I also had to throw one in of my husband holding my bridesmaid bouquet! He hated it when I handed it to him and leave him there looking "like a girl".

Temple Tulips

This is Kim's absolutely beautiful tropical bouquet! I LOVED THIS BOUQUET!

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Abbey M. said...

Beautiful photos! You always capture the bride and groom so perfectly! Gorgeous! I laughed at Nathan holding the flowers. I've got a picture of Ben holding the flowers, too, so your husband is not the only one. Btw, isn't so cool to say 'my husband?' So cool! Also, the photo with the red tulip among the yellow tulips made me have a mini love attack. Keep up the good work!