Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photography-School Pictures

I have a cute little sister named Aimee. She is going to be going to high school next year (WHAT?!) and she wanted some pictures in front of her school. I was happy to take them and a couple extras. It was so much fun and I love every opportunity I have to take pictures for people! LOVE IT!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Running a 5k

Yes, that's right I'm running a 5k! I am so excited for this you have no idea! I really am enjoying running which is like a miracle because normally I don't see straight up running as fun. But in an effort to get in better shape and support my husband in his decision for a healthier lifestyle we are running and exercising and eating super green! The eating green part I'm not so thrilled about because I sure love my unhealthy food but we're working it in slowly!

I was also inspired by my sister Kristen. I don't know if she ever loved running but she has become sort of my inspiration. She has had 5 kids and is in great shape and that's what I want. I want to still feel good about myself no matter what stage of life I am in. I want to feel healthy and not uncomfortable or unhealthy. I want to start running a 5k because I want to get in the habit now of loving to run and I think having an actual race as a goal will keep me running and exercising. I am nervous but I am already on day four of week one and I am LOVING IT! I feel so energized and the training that I am doing is not hard at all. It was set up by a guy named Hal Higdon (check it out here). It is reasonable and doesn't require you to go out and straight up run a 1.5 mile run everyday!

Anyway, the race is in August and I am so excited!

Happy Running!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Hey... Remember Me?

So on a scale of 1 to 10 of how bad of a blogger I am I probably rank at an 11! I sincerely apologize life has been nothing short of crazy the last two months. I decided to take spring classes. Which in all honesty is not terrible like going summer term but 6 weeks is ridiculous sometimes to take a class. I love my Pop Culture class! If there was a class that was my dream class and I wouldn't mind going to everyday, it is that class! I mean pop culture is BROOKE 101! I am all over that stuff. My ethics class, however, was about as dry a class comes.  But classes are over and guess what....


Was that too much maybe but boy am I happy to not have to think critically for awhile. I plan on wearing out my 7 peaks season pass and hitting up Trafalga like a little kid would! I plan on getting tan and actually working out and getting some nice looking soccer legs and abs! Then I will go on a two week vacation and get fat! Ok... not really but I am going to enjoy endless amounts of food! AND like any true Eddington I'm hitting up the 24 hr ice cream machine more than once a day. HEAVEN ON A BOAT! The Carnival Dream is all I'm dreaming of right now! 


A week in places like St. Thomas, St. Maartan and the Bahamas is my idea of a great vacation! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL.... after the cruise we are hitting up Florida for like a week! And guess what that means DISNEY WORLD!!!!!! It's like the ultimate dream vacation! Sun, sand, fun, and my awesome Husband rolled up into a sweet sweet vacation! But we don't leave for a month so I better keep myself occupied or else I will go crazy from excitement! 

We have still had fun though and will have a lot of fun between now and then! Here is just a few pictures from the fun that has already gone on in the GORDON HOUSEHOLD!

We went to a Real Salt Lake Game! We had seats on the field and it was so awesome except for the fact that they lost BAD!

(Dream Job: Sports Photographer!)

 We went with my parents to a Memorial Day Air Show! We got to see the THUNDERBIRDS!

(Isn't he a good looking guy?!)

(It was SUPER windy!)

Anyway, I would like to say I will be a better blogger but lets be real here, this summer will be crazy!
Although I will keep you posted on things going on! Maybe!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trip to Colorado Part 1: Kim's Wedding

So pretty much from the time we touched down in Denver it was WEDDING MODE! It was so nice to go to wedding that wasn't mine. I mean I loved my wedding day and wish I could go relive it sometimes! I would just like to MINUS all the stress that comes with being the bride. Stress like: packing everything up and moving it, getting on time to places, being ready, making sure everyone is happy and you always have to be smiling. It was so beautiful to listen to another sealing ceremony especially in the Denver temple which was beautiful! Kim and Andrew definitely seem happy and in love with each other. Although I have a warning for Andrew: you better treat Kim like a princess because I love that girl. If you don't Nathan and I will have to tie you up in the basement with the lights off and and will leave you alone to fend for yourself... just kidding... I'm sure it won't just be Nathan and I there will be others....  I mean just kidding we would never tie you up! Haha... Anyway... It was a great day and very beautiful! We are so happy for the newly Mr. and Mrs. Bigler!

I also had to throw one in of my husband holding my bridesmaid bouquet! He hated it when I handed it to him and leave him there looking "like a girl".

Temple Tulips

This is Kim's absolutely beautiful tropical bouquet! I LOVED THIS BOUQUET!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weather and Finals

Nathan and I are both stacked with finals and have a hard time finding time to anything we WANT to do. Luckily, the weather has not been nice and so it keeps us indoors doing what we are supposed to (which is good I guess...). 

Yesterday, I was able to take a small break from studying to take some pictures of the blossoming tree in our front yard. It was so beautiful and pink! About 20 minutes later we had a hail storm and it was a fierce one. It took off a lot of the petals of the pretty blossoms so I consider myself lucky I got the pictures I did. I literally looked like it had snowed 1/2 an inch on the ground and on peoples cars. So I took some aftermath pictures. Hope you enjoy! 

(P.S. I really cannot wait to bust out of Provo next Thursday morning and head to Colorado!  Thanks Kim for having your wedding right after finals. Gives us an excuse to leave academic world for awhile!)