Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Hey... Remember Me?

So on a scale of 1 to 10 of how bad of a blogger I am I probably rank at an 11! I sincerely apologize life has been nothing short of crazy the last two months. I decided to take spring classes. Which in all honesty is not terrible like going summer term but 6 weeks is ridiculous sometimes to take a class. I love my Pop Culture class! If there was a class that was my dream class and I wouldn't mind going to everyday, it is that class! I mean pop culture is BROOKE 101! I am all over that stuff. My ethics class, however, was about as dry a class comes.  But classes are over and guess what....


Was that too much maybe but boy am I happy to not have to think critically for awhile. I plan on wearing out my 7 peaks season pass and hitting up Trafalga like a little kid would! I plan on getting tan and actually working out and getting some nice looking soccer legs and abs! Then I will go on a two week vacation and get fat! Ok... not really but I am going to enjoy endless amounts of food! AND like any true Eddington I'm hitting up the 24 hr ice cream machine more than once a day. HEAVEN ON A BOAT! The Carnival Dream is all I'm dreaming of right now! 


A week in places like St. Thomas, St. Maartan and the Bahamas is my idea of a great vacation! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL.... after the cruise we are hitting up Florida for like a week! And guess what that means DISNEY WORLD!!!!!! It's like the ultimate dream vacation! Sun, sand, fun, and my awesome Husband rolled up into a sweet sweet vacation! But we don't leave for a month so I better keep myself occupied or else I will go crazy from excitement! 

We have still had fun though and will have a lot of fun between now and then! Here is just a few pictures from the fun that has already gone on in the GORDON HOUSEHOLD!

We went to a Real Salt Lake Game! We had seats on the field and it was so awesome except for the fact that they lost BAD!

(Dream Job: Sports Photographer!)

 We went with my parents to a Memorial Day Air Show! We got to see the THUNDERBIRDS!

(Isn't he a good looking guy?!)

(It was SUPER windy!)

Anyway, I would like to say I will be a better blogger but lets be real here, this summer will be crazy!
Although I will keep you posted on things going on! Maybe!

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Abbey M. said...

Wow! Your life is so exciting and fun! You look so happy with Nathan, too. And yes, he is a good looking guy ;) It's okay that your blog posts are a little scattered. Whenever you do write, it's always interesting to read. Miss you lots!